BPI 18th Anniversary Fundraiser 2016

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18th Anniversary Fundraiser

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Testimony: Chris and Wayne

Chris and Wayne Chris didn’t learn that she has bipolar disorder until after an accident, falling from a ladder, and suffering from a head injury. The injury put her in a state of depression. For Wayne, “I’m sick and tired of being a caretaker. All I want is to be a husband.” These were Wayne’s first words with Marcia calling for help. For both Wayne and Chris, learning that Chris has bipolar disorder was actually a relief. They needed help for something they knew little about; something they didn’t understand; something they knew if they didn’t get help, it would destroy 37 years of marriage. Click to read the rest of their story.

Click to read the testimonies from others whose lives have been impacted by Bipolar Insights / Mental Health Educational Center. Please share these stories with others as you will find that these are individuals and families share more in common with you and I than you realize.


BIPOLAR INSIGHTS / Mental Health Educational Center
18th Anniversary Fundraiser

We all know someone – a friend, family member, colleague – whose life has been affected by a mental health issue. The more we talk about mental health, the more we help others talk about it too.

Donate to Bipolar Insights / Mental Health Educational CenterBipolar Insights / Mental Health Educational Center helps thousands of men, women, children, and families access life-changing – and life-saving – resources when they need it most. Our Reach Out services, classes and programs are people-centered and recovery-oriented, which means they help each individual they serve achieve their personal goals and lead independent, healthy lives.

Our goal for 2016 is to raise $10,000 to support critical services. I am hoping you will help us reach this goal by making a tax-deductible donation to our campaign.

Your support means so much to the people we serve. With you on board, that’s one more voice talking about mental health. Thank you for joining the conversation.

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Marcia Rose, CEO
Founder of BIPOLAR INSIGHTS / Mental Health Educational Center


Your donation is tax deductible. All proceeds benefit Bipolar Insights, a non-profit corporation located in Placerville, California.

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