BPI 20th Anniversary Fundraiser 2018

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20th Anniversary Fundraiser

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Theresa and her daughter have found their way to our classes.  I’d like to share their story on how our educational center has changed their lives.

Have you ever had a concern in your life that weighed so heavily you didn’t know where to turn?  Have you ever known anyone you suspected of having a mental health issue, but you didn’t know where to seek help?  I have, my name is Theresa.

It seemed to begin when my daughter was in high school.  She changed suddenly and would stay up all night.  Her grades dropped and she would disappear for days.  I thought she was on drugs; I thought she was being rebellious.  Not knowing what to do, my anxiety and fear became so overwhelming I broke out with hives.

At my doctor’s office I cried and begged him to help me and my daughter.  I was beyond consoling.  He leaned over, took a pamphlet from his drawer and as he handed me the pamphlet, he told me to call Bipolar Insights.  He assured me that they would be able to help me and my daughter.

I sat in my car repeatedly reading the pamphlet.  When I got home I immediately picked up the phone and nervously called.  When they answered, I began to cry.  A soft voice spoke to me and assured me I was not alone; help was available.  In that moment I felt hope.  This kind women talked with me for an hour.  It was an hour of compassionate understanding.

I have attended Bipolar Insights / Mental Health Educational Center for two years now.  My daughter also attends and is doing well.

In support of Bipolar Insights / Mental Health 20th Anniversary, I am reaching out to help fundraise for their continued service.  I thank you in advance for your support!  Your donation is greatly appreciated and will reach many others who live in fear and torment.

Thank you, Theresa


BIPOLAR INSIGHTS / Mental Health Educational Center
20th Anniversary Fundraiser

Bipolar Insights / Mental Health Education Center will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary in October 2018.  The theme for our celebration is “Mental Illness is what you have, not who you are.”  Our focus is on all mental illness with a mission to provide education and empowerment to individuals with mental illness, their families, and the community.  Our services are about restoring self-respect and dignity.  It is the avenue for achieving personal goals and fulfilling an individual’s purpose.

BIPOLAR INSIGHTS / Mental Health Educational Center 20th Anniversary FundraiserBipolar Insight / Mental Health is a non-profit organization founded in July 1998.  We have been positively changing lives for 20 years.  It’s through our fundraising efforts that allows us to continue to provide critical support services.

I am hoping you will help support our mission by making a tax-deductible donation to our campaign with a monthly donation or a one-time donation.  You can donate online at bipolarinsights.com, or mail a check payable to Bipolar Insights, 897 Union Street, Placerville, CA 95667.  Thank you for your support.

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Marcia Rose, CEO
Founder of BIPOLAR INSIGHTS / Mental Health Educational Center


Your donation is tax deductible. All proceeds benefit Bipolar Insights / Mental Health Educational Center, a non-profit corporation located in Placerville, California. No goods or services were received for this donation.

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