Self Awareness

May 2014

Marcia Rose, CEO/Founder of Bipolar Insights

Being self-aware allows you to distinguish between symptoms of bipolar disorder, your personality, dysfunction, coping skills, and learned behavior.

Knowledge Is Power

This is crucial, because when you explain your symptoms to your psychiatrist, you have to be able to differentiate what are actual symptoms of bipolar disorder and what are other issues. Your personality, behavior, and dysfunction affect how you view bipolar disorder — you must “know” yourself in order to make the distinction.

Just because you laugh hysterically does not necessarily mean you’re in mania. And, if you want to lay on the couch all day and eat junk food does not necessarily mean you’re depressed.

All behavior problems are not created because you have bipolar disorder. There are many factors that make up who you are. Being self-aware helps you to work on each area of your life individually. You are a unique individual, special and perfect in every way. No one has the ability to “know” you as you know yourself. So use it to your benefit.

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