Journey Tells a Real Saga

By Wendy Schultz, Mountain Democrat * December 2, 2105

Journey tells a real saga * Wendy Schultz, Mountain DemocratI wanted to share with you an article written by Wendy Schultz from the Mountain Democrat. ‘Journey’ Tells a Real Saga was published on December 2, 2015. It’s wonderful to see how my book “Journey from Bondage to Freedom” has made an impact in the community.

Excerpt: ““Journey from Bondage to Freedom,” is a story most people will identify with — a trek out of pain and lack of acceptance toward self-acceptance and belief in your own worth. It’s a journey many walk, whether they realize it or not, but in the lives of Marcia and James, founders of Bipolar Insights, there were a few extra obstacles in the path, the biggest of which was themselves.

“It’s the story of two friends, one with bipolar disorder and how their friendship and Bipolar Insights evolved,” said author Marcia Rose, CEO and cofounder of Bipolar Insights.

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