What Changed?

February 2016

Marcia Rose, Founder and CEO of Bipolar InsightsDuring class on January 5, 2016, the question was asked, “What changed?”  Many began to state, as goals, “I decided to exercise, to eat right, commit to attending classes every week, or go back to school.”

At the beginning of each year or days leading up to our birthday, we initiate the thought process that a change is needed. Too often we begin that change and then a month later, we are back to our normal routine.

I asked the class, “when you decided to make that change, what initiated the thought?” This question seemed to cause confusion; it took serious thinking to understand what I was asking.

I explained, “when we decide to make a change, it’s because something in our life became unbearable. Example: my pants are tight, my fast food job doesn’t pay enough, or I am going into episode. We normally do not change our life when are life is going well.”

It’s importance to recognize the event that pushed you to make a change. Understanding the event will help you to stay on course. When pain touches our life, we will work harder and longer not to repeat the event.

So I encourage you to name the unbearable event that initiated the moment you decided to change. Then perhaps you will see the reason for making the change and allow yourself to follow through on that change.

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