The Tiny Bud

Our second Mountain Democrat column of 2016 has been published this year (April 25, 2016) ~ “The Tiny Bud” ~ written by Marcia Rose.

Excerpt: “I walk out to my patio taking a deep breath. The air smells wonderful, it is a cool but beautiful day and the mist of rain is in the air. I smile.

The grass has returned now bright and vibrate green and each tree is ready to renew its leaves. I bend down to replace a flower garden trinket blown away by the wind and notice a tiny bud reaching out of the earth. It barely breaks through the soil and I marvel at its will to brave the years of drought and still flourish. As I touch the tiny leaf I think that this bud would not be able to push through the earth each year if it were not for the foundation that was planted long ago.”

Click to read the rest of the column … Bipolar Insights: The Tiny Bud

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