The first time someone comes to our educational class, they are either newly diagnosed or have been diagnosed for some time, but have been unable to manage their illness or their life. Either way, they come to the group in search of answers to their problems. They are desperate to understand the diagnosis and find hope with a better understanding of the illness through the support of others with bipolar disorder. Many look for a “magic pill” that will make everything miraculously better. The fact of the matter is, we are all looking for that “magic pill.” There are no “magic pills.”

Just like everyone in this world, the path to good physical and mental health is paved with self-awareness, knowledge, and consistency. This is a process and does not happen overnight, nor is it taught in one class. Some choose to take responsibility for themselves and attend weekly and others come and go. Those who attend weekly learn how they can manage their disorder and change their lives for the better. These people apply to their lives the lessons that are taught every week and obtain a new set of tools to help them through life and to manage their illness.