Truth about Bipolar Disorder

What is the truth about bipolar disorder?

  • Bipolar disorder is Genetic.
  • You are born with BPD, this is your normal.
  • Bipolar disorder is what you have, not who you are.
  • It is not your fault.
  • No cure (Yet).
  • Bipolar disorder is progressive.
  • Bipolar disorder has definite symptoms.
  • Behaviors are not symptoms.
  • Medications will control symptoms.
  • An episode is extreme high movement in mania or low into depression.
  • When in episode the individual has lost control.
  • Bipolar disorder has cycles, and patterns.
  • A Cycle is movements between mania and depression.
  • A Pattern is when your movements have a pattern to it.
  • Other mental or physical illnesses do not cycle.
  • Bipolar disorder is not dysfunction behavior.
  • Bipolar disorder is not about your illness, but rather about how you deal with it!