Andrea’s Story

2016 Calendar Journal Bipolar Insights Marcia RoseWhen I was first diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, no one told me what it was or what to expect. I was just given medications that I didn’t understand and sent on my way. I went on line and tried to figure out what was happening to me. It wasn’t very helpful because every site had something different to say.

One day I saw a notice for a Bipolar Support Group. I called Marcia and she was remarkable understanding and supportive over the phone. I decided to try the group, but was so anxious about attending, that a friend came with me just to make sure I got there.

Marcia spoke that night about what Bipolar was, how it happens, how it feels, mania and depression, and medications that are available. Finally, I began to understand what was going in me.

Marcia and so many members of the group were so supportive and generous with their help that I began to realize that Bipolar wasn’t the nightmare I thought it was going to be. Just knowing that made my life much more relaxed and open to others.

Thank you, Marcia, and all of you in the group. Thank you for the support and time and generosity that you showed me.

Bipolar Insights Calendar/Journal 2016
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