Marcia Rose: Author of “Journey from Bondage to Freedom”

Marcia Rose, CEO/Founder of
Bipolar Insight/Mental Health Education
and now Author of a new book

Journey from Bondage to Freedom

Marcia Rose: Author of "Journey from Bondage to Freedom"

Excerpt: Often we view our lives moment by moment, categorizing our lives with elements from the past, the present, and the future. In fact, our lives are an accumulation of multiple experiences, each a destination and all completing a purpose. My hope is that as you walk with us, you will begin to see the value of our journey as well as your own life, recognizing what wonderful. amazing possibilities await you. As we walked through the hardships and found meaning, a purpose for living, and our self-worth, it is our hope that our life stories and journey will give you comfort and hope.

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Hi Everyone,

I am very excited to share with you that my book, “Journey from Bondage to Freedom,” has been published and is available online in paperback and electronic format. It’s hard to believe I completed this part of my life. A friend who read the book said that I need to give myself more credit for how I’ve overcome so much. My life has been a journey … more than you’ll ever know.

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Journey from Bondage to Freedom” is available at class or order online: CLICK TO BUY.

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With love, Marcia