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Joseph Blake … “My name is Joseph Blake and I have Bipolar Disorder…”

Andrea’s Story … “When I was first diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, no one told me what it was or what to expect. I was just given medications that I didn’t understand and sent on my way……”

My Story by Dave … “Throughout my teenage years, I had been given many different diagnoses, put on many different drugs and been in and out of hospitals, all to no avail.  However, I always had a lot of drive and a strong will to succeed.”

My Story by Charles … “I recall one session when Brenda called me a “Pattern Person.” I realize now through Bipolar Insight the correlation between bipolar and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).”

Chris & Wayne … “I’m sick and tired of being a caretaker. All I want is to be a husband.” These were Wayne ‘s first words with Marcia, from Bipolar Insights, calling for help.

Cierra Dawn … “My name is Cierra Dawn and this is my story. Thank you Marcia Rose, thank you Bipolar Insights … for saving my life.”

Jon’s Story … “My first suicide attempt was in December 1987.” What a better place to take your life but in “Death Valley.”

My Son … “My son is a great kid who would give anything to anyone, but deep in my heart, I knew he was hurting from something.”